Lifebox Learning Lead

Designed for those seeking to elevate their facilitation skills, this course equips you with the knowledge needed to lead engaging and impactful learning experiences within the Lifebox community. Learn essential facilitation techniques, interactive methodologies, and advanced communication strategies tailored specifically for Lifebox Learning initiatives. Elevate your facilitation prowess and empower learners to thrive in collaborative environments.

What our partners say

"I'm very grateful for the training received, I now have the knowledge that makes me able to offer a better quality of care to my patients and a successful surgery.”
Workshop Participant, Nicaragua
I feel more secure about the procedures regarding the patient, I know strictly the correct procedure and the possible complications.”
Surgical Team member, Honduras
"A real pleasure to be part of this course. It was full of fun without compromising the basic concepts. I’ll be happy to share all these details with my staff hospital where I am working. THANKS!”
Surgical Team Member, India
"All sessions useful because they all focus on one thing - improving patient's safety during anesthesia and surgery."
Workshop Participant, Uganda